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arcast is a podcast production company that provides a reliable channel for podcasters, listeners and advertisers in Egypt, by providing a platform and setting up a recording studio for content creators and influencers.

Audio Production

You’re talking inside your listeners’ heads so audio quality matters. Our podcast recording, editing, mixing and mastering services ensure your podcast has a clear message and is very effective. Our team will take your podcast to the next level.

Podcast Development

Podcast is about ideas, content and stories. Our customized Podcast Development services ensure helping both new and experienced podcasters have everything they need to make sure their podcast shines without the need to get sidetracked by the time-consuming process of getting things just right.


There’re many marketing channels but which one will work for your podcast, that’s the question our team helps you to answer, creating a marketing strategy, and creative content to get and grow your listeners.

Our Staff Team

Want to join our team and spread podcast experience? Contact us now 🙂

Join Our Team

Our Staff Team

Want to join our team and spread podcast experience? Contact us now 🙂

Join Our Team

Abdullah Ghanem

Founder & Lead Producer

Ahmed Adel

Managing Partner

Ahmed El-Saady

Founder & Project Manager

Hazem Mohamed

Founder & Audio Engineer

In The Press

Despite giants like Apple still unable to crack the conundrum of how to spread the culture of podcasts in the Arab region, 24-year-old Abdallah Ghanem dropped out of his software engineering degree at Helwan University to take on the challenge by co-founding, Arcast, which was initially conceived as an Arabic-language, Middle Eastern podcast-streaming service, alongside 21-year-old Hazem Mohamed and 22-year-old Ahmed El Saady in July 2018.

Arcast is an Arabic podcast platform that provides a reliable channel for podcasters, listeners, and advertisers. They have a mobile app, a website, and a studio for content creators. Arcast already has six podcasts on the website and they recently launched a new one called “Relationship Survival Guide”.

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